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LOCAL CAMPAIGN FINANCE REFORM - The Imperial Beach City Council is considering adopting a local campaign regulation ordinance.  Unfortunately,  the issue is tainted by misinformation being spread by a small group about contributions received by Democrats from labor unions.  While we all want transparent, fair and ethical elections, we have to ensure that any proposals put forth will not have a negative impact on Democratic candidates who fight for the working class.

Click here to learn more about the  work of Ad Hoc Campaign Reform Committee

SEWAGE CRISIS - Though we are finally seeing some progress on addressing the environmental injustice that is harming our health, threatening our well being and national security,  and hurting our local economy,   it is slow and not enough.   To make matters worse,   the same group that is spreading misinformation about campaign contributions is also spreading misinformation about this issue.   Their signs all over town create a bad image and do nothing to  contribute to a solution.    We need to unite as a community and support the efforts of our local officials to pressure Washington and Sacramento for the resources we need to solve this problem now.    Click here to learn the truth about the sewage crisis and see related documents.

Opinion  Stop the Stink signs are popping up all over IB.  While we all want to stop the stink, putting a sign on your lawn is not the most effective way to accomplish that - especially when the organization responsible for the signs, C4CC, opposes the solutions identified by the EPA  that have been thoroughly studied and evaluated and are supported by respected environmental groups, non profits,  our entire congressional delegation,  every mayor in the County, the County Board of Supervisors,  our State legislators,  the Lieutenant Governor,  the Coastal Commission, to name a few.   The first phase of the EPA's infrastructure solutions is already moving forward and is in design.
The QR code on the signs goes to C4CC's website,  which provides very few details about who they are, but makes unsubstantiated claims about corporate interests and lobbyists influencing environmental policy.    They do not list their Board of Directors,  staff members,  any projects  or grants they've funded (they claim to be a foundation), and their address is a non existent location in Imperial Beach.
People who really want to stop the stink should all work toward the same goal - pressuring our state and federal government to provide the emergency funding and supplemental appropriations necessary   to complete all of the projects identified by the EPA.    Unfortunately,  the organization providing the signs is not doing that.