Imperial Beach Pier

Our Approach

Our Purpose

The purpose of this club is To SEE - Support, Engage and Educate:

To Support our local Democratic elected officials and candidates.
To Engage the community to take action to improve our neighborhoods
To Educate the community about relevant issues and legislation.
Grassroots Organizing (GO) Teams.
Voter Registration.
Democratic Party involvement.

We welcome new members to join us in our local, State and National efforts to effect positive change.

Membership is open to registered Democrats, or people who are not eligible to register but intend to register as Democrats once they are eligible to do so. The Club will accept eligible members from any geographic area.


Our Story

Are you Registered to Vote?

Each and every citizen of the United States has a right to become a registered voter. Did you know that you can pre-register to vote in the State of California if you are 16 years of age or more?