Next Meeting: June 2, 2022

   Our next meeting will be in person and on line on June 2, 2022.  We will be discussing how school boards are under attack and how Democrats can fight back! Details will be announced soon. For more information, contact us Zoom Link

California Redistricting

California voters have the brand new districts they’ll use to elect their members of Congress and state legislators, after the state’s independent redistricting commission voted unanimously on Dec. 20 to approve its final maps.

These new district maps will take effect with the June 2022 primaries and continue for the next decade. Redistricting happens once every 10 years, after every census, to ensure that each district has the same amount of people. 

Imperial Beach will  be in the 52nd Congressional District.   To learn more about Congressional Districts,  click here.

State Assembly and Senate Districts are also changing and will affect Imperial Beach.  Learn more here.

President’s Message We Stand With Ukraine

As the world watches the invasion of Ukraine, a free and democratic country, we also witness the courage and heroism of Ukraine’s men and women fighting for their freedom. Just today in a surprise attack, Ukrainians destroyed 30 Russian helicopters. They are maintaining a hold on their primary cities. Our President is hitting Russia in the pocket in the safest way to make a statement short of engaging in a potential World War III. Europe is in a different situation dependent upon 40% Russian energy to get through a cold winter and maintaining oil supplies. I denounce Russia and their aggressive actions. On this International Women’s Day I stand with the fighting women of Ukraine and the Russian women protesting around the world and risking arrest in Russia. We see that the Russian people disagree with these actions. But Putin does not represent his people. He represents himself. We witnessed this here for 4 years. It cannot happen again. Stand strong, courageous, loving and bold. Individually and together, we do make a difference. God Bless Ukraine and the Russian people. Email Us

Join the Club!

The Imperial Beach Democratic Club  is a geographical, chartered club of the San Diego Democratic Party,  dedicated to voter education and supporting Democratic campaigns. We are committed to furthering the principles, candidates and causes of the Democratic Party.

Club members are involved in grass root organizing for numerous campaigns, organizations, projects and causes. Our  meetings  address issues within Imperial Beach, San Diego County and  State of California with  presentations  from local officials and experts on timely topics. Stay informed and let your voice be heard!  Join/Renew Now!    LIKE our Facebook Page Join or Renew Now

San Diego Democrats

The San Diego County Democratic Party is the official organization for Democrats in the fifth-largest county in the U.S. With more than 60,000 members, we represent the second-largest community of Democrats in California. As the local embodiment of “America’s Majority Party” for voters and candidates alike, we advance our goals through several ongoing programs.

  • VOTER REGISTRATION. Throughout the year, in every community of San Diego County, we’re signing up new Democrats to vote. Thanks to our efforts in 2008, Democrats now outnumber Republicans in the county for the first time in a generation.
  • PRECINCT ORGANIZING. Our all-volunteer Grassroots Organizing Team reaches out to voters where they live, providing information on endorsed candidates and motivating our supporters to vote. That personal attention substantially increases turnout in the precincts we cover.
  • CANDIDATE SUPPORT. We have a long-range plan to recruit, train, and support good Democratic candidates at all levels – including local offices like city councils, school boards, and special districts.
  • COMMUNICATIONS. To build the Party and support Democratic campaigns, we proactively communicate our message through the media to both Democrats and the general public. We also build relationships with community allies to promote our shared values and priorities.
  • FUNDRAISING & INFRASTRUCTURE. The resources to accomplish our goals come from our local supporters in San Diego County. We raise funds to keep our doors open, staff our office, help our candidates, and build an infrastructure to benefit all San Diego Democrats.

Get Involved

The best way to get involved is to register to vote. Allow your voice to be heard at the voting booth. Check your registration status, even if you are already registered. Read up on the laws regarding registration and party affiliation. And, get out the Vote!