Jose Rodriguez has lived in National City with his wife, Sandra, for more than a decade. They are raising their four children in National City and are active in school related organizations through their kids school.

Jose started his career fighting for working families as a labor organizer. He has spent his adult life working with the community to address inequities in our neighborhoods. Jose has worked to expand public school funding, increase minimum wages on large corporations and has supported small business growth in National City.

Among current primary issues, Jose encourages more affordable housing construction, advocates to increase home ownership opportunities in our city and supports more outreach to the homeless population to get them off our streets and in safe living environments.

Jose prioritizes the increase in quality of life in National City. That includes delivering on long overdue infrastructure projects like streetlights, sidewalks and paving of dirt alleys. As well as increase the amount of community parks and enhance the public spaces they currently have so their families can enjoy.