IBDC Bylaws Amendments Jan. 6, 2022


*AMENDMENT ITEM 1 – Add to our by-laws as article XIII and change Article XIII to XIV, Article XIV changed to article XV


Section 1 - California Democratic Party

Club representatives to the California Democratic Party’s (CDP) Pre-Endorsement Conferences shall be allocated as follows: one (1) representative, residing in the Assembly District, for each full (not fraction thereof) twenty (20) registered Democratic Club members in good standing in the Assembly District, who are listed on a roster submitted to both the SDCDP and the appropriate CDP Regional Director(s), each odd-numbered year by the deadline provided by the CDP.  The roster shall be certified by the Club's President, Secretary, or Treasurer.  Representatives should be equally apportioned between men and women to the extent possible.

Section 2 - San Diego County Democratic Party

Under the Club's charter with the SDCDP, its President is a representative to the SDCDP Central Committee as an Associate Member.  If the President is already a Central Committee member or chooses not to serve, a different representative may be selected to serve his or her term according to the provisions of Sections 3 and 4 of this Article.  An Associate Member application, for the President or any other representative, must be submitted to the SDCDP within thirty (30) calendar days of his or her selection by the Club.

 Section 3 - Selection

Club representatives to the CDP and SDCDP (and any other official representatives, delegates, and/or alternates from the Club to conferences, caucuses, councils, conventions, and other such meetings) shall be selected by a majority vote cast at a duly noticed Club meeting or, if that cannot occur, at a regular or special meeting, designated by the President.

Section 4 - Adherence to Club Positions

Club representatives described in this Article, when participating in voting and discussion in that capacity, shall adhere to and represent the Club’s official positions on endorsements and other matters wherever applicable, and shall agree to do so prior to their selection.



ARTICLE VII, Rules for Meetings

Section 4, Item B (this needs to be dropped. It is against our charter to bring up an endorsement from the floor.)

Item B states: If the discussion of an endorsement process is brought up from the floor as New Business, such process must be approved by at least two-thirds (2/3) of those present and voting at any meeting.

Suggested replacement:

B. In elections where the number of Democratic candidates does not exceed the number of open seats, the Club may endorse Democratic candidate(s) by a majority vote cast at a general meeting as outlined in Article XI Elections, Endorsements and Voting.



ARTICLE IV – Membership

Section 1: Membership requirements for the Club will be the same as those of the San Diego County Democratic Central Committee.  The Club will accept eligible members from any geographic area.

Section 2: This organization does not require or use any test of membership or oath of loyalty which has the effect of requiring prospective or current member to acquiesce in, condone, or support discrimination on the grounds of race, color, creed, national origin, physical ability, sex age, religion, ethnic identity, sexual orientation or economic status.

Section 3: Members are considered Active Members only if:

A. The member has paid all Club dues.

B. The member has attended at least two (2) consecutive General Meetings in the current rolling 12 month period.

ADD item C:

C. A qualified member may be a member to more than one club.         

DROP THE VERBIAGE: (who have chosen the Club as their home club, also known as Unique members)

**Section 4: Active Members have the right to:

  1. Vote on all matters before the Club.
  2. Participate in all General Meetings.
  3. Hold executive officer positions.
  4. Receive information about the activities of the Club.
  5. Any other such privileges or responsibilities as deemed appropriate by the club membership.


**Section 5: A member who has paid dues and intends to become, but is not yet, a registered Democrat is an Affiliate member. An Affiliate member is considered an active member with the right to:

A.   Participate in all General Meetings

B.  Receive information about the activities of the Club.

C. An Affiliate member will be considered an Active Member once the Membership Director confirms registration with the San Diego County Registrar of Voters.

Amendment Section 5:

Section 5: A member who is a permanent resident and declares and pledges an intent to register to vote as a Democrat once eligible because they are: not a United States Citizen shall be considered as “registered to vote” for the purposes of this club and their status should be equal to that of a registered democrat. The declaration of their intent and pledge to register as a Democrat when eligible shall be recorded on their membership form which constitutes an equivalent in any provision of these Bylaws where voter registration is required.



ARTICLE VIII  Officers/Executive Board

(Recommended Addition) Section 8

The conduct of the Executive Board shall be as follows:

A. Members of the Executive Board shall shall conduct oneself with civility and respect towards all other members and Democratic candidates.

B. No member of the Executive Board shall share club members’ personal information from the Membership Roster with any outside parties with the exception of the SDCDP or CDP for re-chartering or special endorsement purposes.

C. The Executive Board will not allow visitors to the Executive Board meetings to speak privately to the board. All speakers will address the club at the club’s general meetings.