CV D3 Candidate Inzunza Questionnaire

Chula Vista is a growing city with immense opportunities. The challenges we face are also significant, and they won’t be solved by any one person. It takes working together and having deep knowledge of what makes our Chula Vista community special.

As a candidate for Chula Vista City Council, I will work relentlessly and listen to the great residents of District 3 to shape a future that is safe for communities, inclusive of people from all walks of life and focused on the rewards that can be achieved by hard work.

My family has extensive roots here and I’m proud to raise my family in District 3. Chula Vista is my home and I have high expectations for what we can do together. With your support we will take Chula Vista into a new, bright future.

I’m looking to earn your support as a candidate for Chula Vista City Council District 3!