Campaign Guidelines

As a member of the IBDC, you are already showing your support for the values and goals of the Democratic Party and you have helped bring about important Democratic victories in Imperial Beach and throughout San Diego County.  And, you are probably chomping at the bit to do the same in 2020.
Here are some important guidelines to keep in mind as you campaign:
  • You are free to campaign for and support any candidate you choose, but may not identify yourself as a member or representative of the IBDC when campaigning or promoting any candidate, except when you are participating in an official, Club sanctioned, campaign event.
  • The IBDC’s mission is to support, elect and recruit qualified Democratic candidates. Therefore, the Club will not support candidates who are not running as Democrats.
  • Be kind and respectful when campaigning in person, on the phone and when using social media.
  • The Imperial Beach Democratic Club Facebook pages will not accept posts that promote any candidate over another, except for Club or Party endorsed candidates.
We have our work cut out for us, but with your cooperation and help, we will make 2020 a Happy Blue Year!

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